What you should know:

  • Individuals must be at least 14-years-old to participate as lesson volunteers.
  • Committing to a weekly class period is great but not required.
  • All volunteers must attend a Volunteer Orientation annually.
  • Additional training is required for horse leaders.
  • Volunteer applications must be submitted annually.
  • All individuals participating in JHTRA activities must keep confidential all personal, social and medical information regarding riders, their families, and other volunteers.

Non-Class Volunteer Opportunities

No training required!

  • Barn Help – For those volunteers who would like to get better acquainted with cleaning tack, stall care, etc.
  • Office Help – These important volunteers assist with word processing, data entry, bulk mailings, and other special tasks. They also greet riders and visitors and help answer the telephone.
  • Facilities Maintenance – From painting to cleaning and everything in between – we have endless volunteer opportunities for “handy” individuals or groups that want to work together on a project.
  • Special Events – JHTRA needs help with all of the special events we participate in and host.


Group Opportunities

Please call 307-733-1374 if you are a group interested in volunteering for Jackson Hole Therapeutic Riding.

Lesson Volunteers

These are the volunteers who work directly with the riders and the horses in class. The volunteers serve the role of either horse leader or side-walker.  No prior experience is necessary; training is provided.

  • HORSE LEADERS are responsible for the safety of the horse and control at all times.  You reinforce signals that the rider gives to the horse. While walking with the horse, you’ll maintain a proper distance from other horses in the class while walking, changing directions, and passing.  You don’t interact directly with the rider; that is the side walker’s job. This role takes extensive horse experience, and if you are new to horses you will be assigned to sidewalk first. We offer training throughout the year for all of our Volunteers to learn how to become a horse leader!
  • SIDE WALKERS are responsible for the safety of riders. You may assist your rider with their helmet and maybe take them to the arena to meet their horse under the instructor’s guidance.  During the class itself, your job is to prevent the rider from falling off, but NOT to hold him or her on the horse. Your instructor will give you directions on how to assist each rider.
  • VOLUNTEER MENTORS are returning volunteers who have been recognized as ready to move to a new level of involvement with JHTRA.  Minimal requirements to serve as a mentor include having at least one year of experience with JHTRA, a good working knowledge of grooming, an extensive knowledge of JHTRA’s policies and procedures, and most importantly, a desire to become more involved with the program. Mentors may be asked to work with new or inexperienced volunteers so as to provide them with a positive learning experience, including answering questions and demonstrating proper techniques.  The role of a mentor may vary from class to class, and even instructor to instructor.  Further training is required!

Contact Information:

PO Box 415
Teton Village, WY 83025

Ph: 307-733-1374
Fax: 307-732-0212


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